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Founded in 2022, Le Capharnaüm is a private tattoo studio with artists that will be listening to your needs. Located in Sherbrooke, we want to make a difference by offering you a human experience. We want to offer you personalized and quality tattoos in a professional and safe way, all in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. We don't accept
walk-ins and we offer bilingual service.

Let our work speak for itself, browse our gallery or check out the artists' Facebook or Instagram pages.

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Mylene is a tattoo artist since 2018, she decided to open her own tattoo studio in 2022. She's cutting her teeth on flash tattoos. If you'd like a quick session done with style and grace, she's the perfect choice. She specializes in black work, but can surely adapt to your vision. Small and bigger projects welcomed.

For an appointment with Mylene, you can reach her on her professional pages.

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Arielle began her tattoo career in 2017. Since then, her style and technique have continued to develop. She specializes in neo-traditional. She prefers to do colorful pieces, but she can adapt to your vision to do a black and gray piece. If you want an unique and colorful tattoo, she's the one for you!  


For an appointment with Arielle, you can reach her on her professional pages.

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Having a great interest in arts, Anne-Sophie started tattooing in 2023. Being still young in the profession, she seeks to fill her portfolio and refine her technique. If you want to have a quick and well-executed session, this is the person you need. She would like to specialize in anime and geometry, all in black and gray. She will still be able to adapt to your vision. She is only accepting small projects at the moment. 


For an appointment with Anne-Sophie, it is best to contact her on her professional page.

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Having a great interest in the arts, Kathleen began her tattooing career in 2023. Since she has only recently been practicing, she wants to develop her style and refine her technique. In 2024, she got her diploma in permanent makeup! She wants to specialize in this field!


For an appointment with Kathleen or to view her paintings, it is best to contact her on her professional pages.

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